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A small support contribution of just “six” dollars covers your fraternity membership and supports this site.

Why financial support? Like all things online expenses are rising, while a variety of open source
software programs are utilized here there are still many other expenses that can not be avoided,
and the more contributions we receive the more enhancements we can make to our existing software.

The initial contribution level is only six dollars monthly however many can not spare even that much,
to help we have a $12.00 contribution level that allows you to both, support sixguns and also to demonstrate a pay it forward
way of thinking, to help someone else out, that’s brotherhood!

Why do any of this?

Because gun owners need to support one another, discrimination is everywhere, while looking for firearms related software
it was found many wordpress themes that used to be available no longer are, that AI won’t create a gunslinger image with
a clearly identifiable gun and if you add the simple term coffee to an AI creation command with gunslinger you get
suburbanites in a coffee shop, no gunslingers, or at least not any traditional gunslingers.

Can’t say that’s all AI or all the time but no good pictures where made available when they were sought for here.

But this is not a complaint, that’s fine, let AI be AI and let gunslingers unite in reality.

Is a support contribution required?

Only for membership, there are a lot of areas on the forum that are publicly accessible, as well we have a great selection of blog articles with very informative information, many of them are from the great John Taffin, and there’s no charge to watch any of the publicly posted videos.

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