Articles by John Taffin


Merwin, Hulbert and Co.

One Good Shot-New England Firearms Handi-Rifle

Make Mine A Marlin

Hunting with Sixguns

Gallagher's Great Guns

The Croft Connection

Reloading for the .45 ACP Auto

.45 ACP Sixguns

Smith & Wesson's .45 Colt Classic Model 25

Great Big Bore Leverguns; Great Loads

Hamilton Bowen's .327 Federals

The Sixguns of Hamilton Bowen

Ruger's 4" Redhawk

The Fabulous Family of Forty-Four Sixguns

Sow’s Ear Becomes A Silk Purse!


Cimarron's Colt Cartridge Conversions

Ruger's .45 Redhawk

Cowboy Shooting Cap-N-Ball Style

The Continuing Search for the Perfect Packin Pistol

The Sixguns of Cowboy Action Shooting

Navy Arms Leverguns - Maintaining History

The 454 Super Redhawk

Shiloh Sharps .45-110

Freedom Arms 353 Casull

The S&W 625-2

The SuperMags

The Colt Anaconda

Ruger's Vaquero

Ruger's Big-Bore Bisley's

Legends in Leather

The Little Rugers of Andy Horvath

Grover's Improved #5

Kit Guns - Single Action Style

A Century of Sixguns

.45 Colt - Dan Wesson Style

Sixguns Beyond the .44 Magnum

Skeeter's Gun - the 5" Model 27

S&W J-Frames

The Sixguns of Bob Munden

The Buntline Special

Custom Revolvers

Custom Single Action 44 Specials

In Defense of the Sixgun

Fighting Handguns Part IV

Fighting Handguns Part III

Alpha Precision .45 Colt

Fighting Handguns Part II

In Defense of the 44: It's Still Special!

Fighting Handguns Part I

357: The First Magnum The First Magnum

44 Magnum Sixguns

Sightin' in Sixguns

Back to Basics (Some Things Never Change)

Big Bore Sixguns: Cap-N-Ball Style

Big Bore Sixguns: Cap-N-Ball Syle Part II - The Colts 

Brush Guns

Colt's Classic Single Action: The New Frontier 

Colt Single Action Army

Colt Single Action Army .38-40Colt SAA 38-40

Freedom Arms Model 97

Freedom Arms Triple-Threat Packin' Pistol

I Like Single-Actions Because 

Marlin's 1894 Trappers

Marlin's "New" .45-70's

Packin' Pistols

Rossi's M92 Carbine

Ruger's Classic Single Action: The Flat-Top Blackhawk

Ruger Classic Sixguns

Ruger Packin' Pistols

S&W: King of the DA Sixguns

Sharps Model 1874

Sixgun Stocks

Smith & Wesson's 44 Magnum

Smith & Wesson Performace Center's 357 Magnums

Smith & Wesson's Winning Pair

The .38-55 is Back

The Big Bore Fiveguns of John Linebaugh

The Sixguns of Elmer Keith

The Sixguns and Loads of Elmer Keith

The Sixguns that Made the Magnums 

Too Good to be Forgotten

Winchester's Trails End Leverguns