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A Gallery of Great Grips

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Burl Mesquite by SK Custom Grips
on Ruger Bisley
Mouthwatering Maple by
SK Custom Grips on Ruger
Staghorn fitted with sharp edges
of frame removed by Gary Reeder.

stag2.jpg (26209 bytes)

Grip Maker's Imitation Stag on a pair of Cimarron 7 1/2" .38-40 Model P's
Leather is by Old West Reproduction

grip1a.jpg (24806 bytes)
Skeeter Skelton Buffalo Skull 
on Colt SAA by Bob Leskovec

grip2a.jpg (21424 bytes)
Elmer Keith in ivory 
polymer by Bob Leskovec

grip3c.jpg (15546 bytes)
Eagle Ultra Ivory 
"Carved" Steerhead

grip4a.jpg (17349 bytes)
Dall Sheep Rams Horn by 
Roy Fishpaw on TLA #5

grip5b.jpg (19130 bytes)
Carved ivory by 
Paul Persinger on Colt SAA

grip6b.jpg (20796 bytes)
Bighorn Sheep on Colt SAA
 by Paul Persinger.

tgrip1.jpg (40220 bytes)
Scrimshaw by Twyla
tgrip2.jpg (42317 bytes)
Herrett's CocoBolo Jordans
Leather by Derry Gallagher
S&W Model 19
tgrip3.jpg (42093 bytes)
Herrett's Detective stocks
S&W Model 65
tgrip4.jpg (40570 bytes)
Herrett's Detective Stocks
S&W Chief's Special
tgrip5.jpg (53336 bytes)
Herrett's Trooper Stocks
S&W Highway Patrolman
tgrip6.jpg (42048 bytes)
Roy Fishpaw Fancy Walnut
Ruger .44 Special
tgrip7.jpg (33246 bytes)
Roy Fishpaw Fancy Walnut
pre-29 S&W .44 Magnum
tgrip8.jpg (33782 bytes)
BluMagnum Fancy Walnut
Ruger Flat-Top .357
tgrip9.jpg (33167 bytes)
BluMagnum Skeeter Skelton
S&W Model 25-5
tgrip10.jpg (38280 bytes)
Bob Munden one-piece
Mesquite stocks Colt New
Frontier .44 Special
tgrip11.jpg (32832 bytes)
Bob Munden Imitation Ivory
Colt SAA - note gunfighter 
swell at the top of the grip
tgrip12.jpg (41386 bytes)
One-piece Mesquite stocks
on TLA South Texas Army
.44 Special

13.jpg (33074 bytes)
Copy of Elmer Keith's
stocks in ivory polymer
by Bob Leskovec.
14.jpg (35696 bytes)
Elmer Keith stocks in
ivory polymer by Bob
Leskovec on Vaquero
15.jpg (38293 bytes)
Would you believe 1950's
factory stocks on a Ruger
.44 Flat-Top?
16.jpg (47491 bytes)
Dave Wayland's Double Diamond
grips on Kimber Compact.
Leather by Derry Gallagher.
17.jpg (40587 bytes)
One piece walnuts by Tom
Sargis on Colt SAA.
18.jpg (32103 bytes)
Herrett's Roper stocks on
S&W M27.
19.jpg (33155 bytes)
Ivory stocks scrimshawed by
Twyla Taylor on S&W M624
20.jpg (39029 bytes)
1950s' imitation stags on
S&W. 38-44 Heavy Duty
21.jpg (37601 bytes)
Factory "B" Western
imitation stags on Great
tiffany.jpg (41032 bytes)
Tiffany grips by John Adams Sr.
on an Open-Top '72 
22.jpg (26305 bytes)
Factory Ivories on Colt
New Frontier
maple.jpg (39690 bytes)
Herrett's presentation maple
on large frame Dan Wesson