Ever since I was old enough to remember

By Chris Schei

Ever since I was old enough to remember I loved guns and cowboy stuff. As I grew older I acquired a .22 rifle and a shotgun and later on I used my older brothers 03-A3 to hunt deer, but I didn't have a handgun. In about 1964 I had to have one and finally dragged my Mother to the sportshop to help me buy one (I wasn't 21 yet). Back in those days of pre gun law mania this was acceptable if the person was a responsible type who didn't get into trouble and knew how to handle firearms safely. The clerk showed us several cowboy type revolvers and explained the merits of each one. One was a funny looking European model which felt clumsy in my hand and another was actually a double action made to look like a cowboy gun but it wasn't even close. Finally he showed me a Colt Scout and as soon as I held it I knew it was the one for me. It was expensive, more than each of the others but I figured quality cost so I paid approximately $49.00 for it. I had worked hard for that gun and I wanted something that would last. I'm way past 60 now and I still pull that little Scout out and plink away just like I did when it was new and I have never regretted spending the extra cash on it to this day! How about hearing some of your stories about first sixguns?